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Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Decatur, GA

A sad reality is that automobile accidents and fender-benders do happen. While many people may initially think that they have walked away from an accident unscathed, after a period of time neck pain or other symptoms of whiplash may occur.

Even with a relatively-minor collision, there is potentially a great amount of force transferred from the cars or trucks up through a person’s skeletal system. The entire human body, but in particular the neck and the spine, is extremely sensitive to force, and the violent force from an automobile accident can easily dislodge the neck or a spinal disc.

Whiplash Injury Treatment

Whiplash is another very common occurrence with automobile accidents, and several days or even weeks after the accident, a person may notice symptoms associated with whiplash such as sore neck, dizziness, lightheadedness upon standing, and other symptoms commonly seen with neck injuries.

The spine was not built to withstand forces such as those seen in even a routine automobile accident. People involved in auto accidents can easily experience discogenic injuries, lumbar and cervical spine sprains, or even disc herniation extreme cases.

If you are looking for exceptional car accident injury treatment or whiplash treatment in the Decatur, Georgia area, know that Malina Chiropractic Clinic has an unmatched amount of expertise in working with car accident injury victims, as well as treating neck and spine conditions, as well as injuries of all types.

Take Action to Avoid the Long Term Effects

The team at Malina Chiropractic Clinic has been specializing in treating car accident Injury victims for nearly 40 years. Our team of doctors will conduct a thorough evaluation of any patient seeking car accident injury treatment or whiplash treatment, evaluating the entire spine and coming up with a first-rate recovery and treatment plan.

Our full list of services includes whiplash treatment for those involved in car and truck accidents, those experiencing neck and back pain, slip and fall victims, and those rehabilitating sports injuries. We handle all types of collision and spinal injuries, and use a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure results.

With our collective experience, we believe we can help people who have suffered from auto accidents make full financial and physical recoveries from their injuries.

For additional information, feel free to contact our expert team at (404) 325-3609 for a free consultation, and visit our website for additional information on Malina Chiropractic Clinic and our variety of services and treatment programs. Malina Chiropractic Clinic services cities throughout the state of Georgia, and are headquartered in Decatur, GA.